Cyberseer MSSP
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We detect active threats, keeping your business safe 24/7

These technologies power our MSSP SOC Service offering:

Providing leading solutions & managed security services for leading brands...

We passionately care about keeping you safe.
We’ve got the proven formula (smart tech + smart people) to help you mitigate risk. You no longer need to fight threats on your own.

Our Service Offering:

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Why work with Cyberseer​?

Keeping organisations safe from harm is the main objective, but there are also many other key benefits to choosing to work with Cyberseer’s Managed Security Service that our customers value…

Faster Response Times
Faster detection and response to threats maintain strong security posture whilst minimising risk.
Reduced Dwell Time

Collapse detection dwell time by utilising smart tools and smart people.

No More Skills Gap

Maintain a strong context aware security posture. No need to recruit, train and retain specialist resources.

Full Visibility

Utilise all log data to surface even the smallest anomaly that could be a prelude to something bigger.

Dedicated Smart People

Dedicated, creative and inquisitive forensic analysts continually threat hunt across customer environments and manage priority threats.

Enhanced Alerts

Rapid, custom classification enhances alert accuracy and context.

As a flexible, customer focused MSSP, our approach means we...

Give you greater visibility of your cyber threat landscape!​

Unlike some MSSP’s we think that it’s essential to provide you with a full holistic view of your landscape. You will be able to utilise all log data to surface even the smallest anomaly that could be a prelude to something bigger.

We don’t consume your time, we only consume large data.

We won’t waste your time by overloading you with irrelevant alerts. We will only share with you the intel that matters. Intel that allows you to make informed decisions to improve your security posture.

You will only work directly with forensic analysts!

The quality of an MSSP is determined by the calibre of its analysts and the critical decisions they need to make when the stakes are high. This is why we only employ expert cyber forensic analysts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I only be alerted when something has gone wrong?

“No. Unlike other Managed Security Services, Cyberseer’s MSSP employs proactive threat hunting, alerting you to potential threats before they escalate. “

David, Cyber Security Forensic Analyst
Forensic Analyst
How does Cyberseer understand my environment? ​
“Our approach is to understand what’s important to you and your organisation from the very beginning prior to any solution being deployed.”
Jay, Cyber Security Forensic Analyst
Forensic Analyst
Does automation (ASPECT) make the service more cost effective?
“Yes, ASPECT combined with forensic analysts delivers a high level of detection accuracy whilst saving money against expensive in-house resources and improving your team’s productivity by prioritising their focus on the threats that matter.”
Sarah, Tier 3 Cyber Security Forensic Analyst
Forensic Analyst
Do you give me the right information I need to present to the board?
“We provide you with the information that you need in a format that’s useful for your organisation such that you can understand your current security posture.”
Sam, Tier 3 Cyber Security Forensic Analyst
Forensic Analyst

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